“Valor” Coffee Shop – Cheung Chau

From temples to seafood restaurants, Thai artisans to local craft stores, Cheung Chau is an island full of attractions that welcomes not only foreigners, but also Hong Kong locals to visit.  On a breezy Monday strolling down the narrow streets in the village, I've discovered a new favorite spot to chill at, and most importantly, the best ice dripped coffee available in town, adding another must-go attraction to Cheung Chau's long list. 

"Valor" 啡寮

For an Instagram enthusiast like me, my eyes were first attracted by the theme of the coffee shop.
It was of a monotone, Scandinavian design; if anything but a contrast to the colorful, traditional-village impression of Cheung Chau. 

啡寮 Valor Cheung Chau

啡寮 Valor Cheung Chau 啡寮 Valor Cheung Chau 長洲

The wall at the entrance showcases the freshly ice dripped coffee they make everyday:

啡寮 Valor Cheung Chau 長洲

There were many choices on the menu, the most unique ones have to be the "Nitro"  series, which they only supply one type for each day. You'll have to ask to know which one's available when you visit, but either one, I assure you that they're gonna be delicious. Also, they serve ice dripped coffee in a Coconut! How crazy (in a good way) and creative is that? 

After moments of indecisiveness, I went with the white signature ($35HKD). The higher acidity is so bright with rich flavor, and I just love how the milky aroma stays. I would definitely recommend trying the coffee here. 

啡寮 Valor Cheung Chau 長洲 

The coffee shop is previously named "Cheung Chau's Ice Dripped Coffee", but somehow it renovated and became "Valor". As I got my coffee and stayed for a bit, the queue started getting longer. Everyone was enjoying their coffee, admiring the interior design and of the coffee shop. People constantly chatted with the owner/staff, and it felt heartwarming being at present.

Amid the western, minimalist decoration, is a traditional calligraphy in Chinese characters:

 啡寮 Valor Cheung Chau 長洲

I believe this is one of the cafes in Hong Kong that actually serves great coffee, and the fact that it looks so instagrammable is such a huge bonus for me. (I think the store owner is not only visually talented, but also well aware of the importance of branding).

I am sure many people will be coming to visit when they are in Cheung Chau. As for me, I can't wait to return!

啡寮 Valor Cheung Chau 長洲 Valor Cheung Chau

Opening Hours 10:00 AM - 7:00 PM

長洲新興街4號地鋪, 852 Hong Kong, Hong Kong

G/F, 4 Sun Hing Street, Cheung Chau

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