5 Things I Love About Hideout Bali

Living in the city makes me wanna escape from the crowds and the tall buildings.

I have experienced some luxurious, fancy resorts and hotels, so I was looking for a different vibe when I traveled to Bali - something that would truly make me feel like I am connecting with nature, and being able to find inner peace.

Eco-friendly bamboo house Hideout Bali (Lightroom) caught my heart in first glance. Amidst the rice fields of Central Bali,  Hideout Lightroom is solely built with bamboos harvested within the local village, based on the unique design of two amazing Czech architects.

It's the perfect place to unwind stress and just enjoy the peaceful, zen surroundings with your loved ones. 

1. Location 

Imagine waking up to the sound of river everyday. 

bali, central bali, hideout bali

It's right next to a river stream. They days I visited were in January so the river was a bit rough.
Certainly you could go for a quick dive in the river if it was more smooth. 

2. Outdoor Shower

Definitely in love with this genius outdoor design. 

3. Outdoor Bubble Bath Tub

The rose & other flower petals are SUCH a delight. 

& The view while you are enjoying the bath

P.S. The flower petals are kindly prepared by the owner. Do note that the water takes FOREVER to fill up. 

4. View From Bed 

That makes me wanna procrastinate for the rest of my life. 

5. The Property Itself

From the great entrance to the recreational space.

It's all that I've dreamt of... If only I could build a place like this in the urban jungle of Hong Kong...

Hideout Bali   2 guests  1 bedroom 1 bed 1 bath

The property has two houses, the one I chose is Hideout Lightroom. The other bamboo house is also unique in style and fits people who are looking to connect with nature. I saw they're working on their third houses, I can't wait to return to see how it turns out!

Check out their Instagram

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